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Zimbris Kennels aims to improve and promote the German Shepherd Dog from working lines. We strongly believe that the German Shepherd Dog should primarily be a working dog, following the motto of the founder of the breed, Captain Max von Stephanitz.

In our breeding program we aim to select German Shepherd Dogs by the concept that existed in Eastern Europe until 1990 : health, hardness, sharpness and strength. This website is meant to inform German Shepherd lovers and breeders about the working lines and popularize our breeding and selection concept because we believe that only through such an approach can be mantained and improved the quality of the true universal working dog. Selecting dogs in the spirit of the service dog for police, military and other government bodies we believe to assure the continuity of the dream and creation of Mr. Max von Stephanitz, who first wanted to create a “soldier” dog fit to be useful to authorities and indirectly to ordinary citizens. We don’t have to forget that the founder of the breed was first a military cavalry officer.


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